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Final Clearance

Need to get your moped ready to be safety inspected but can figure out why the turn signals or headlights aren't working?
Need tires or mirrors? Or have a moped that has been sitting because it wont start? Let us know.

Don't know what your part is called? Just bring it in and we can match it for you!


Belts: It's always a good idea to have an extra belt on hand.

Cables: Throttle Cables available in different lengths.
Speedo Cables and Brake Cables available in different lengths.

Bulbs: Headlight Bulbs, Brake Bulbs, Turn Signal Bulbs and more.

Electrical: Switches , Relays, CDI, Coil, Ignition Sets

Air and Fuel: Carburetors, Gaskets, Gas Caps,
Fuel Filters, Black and Colored Fuel Line, Air Filters

CVT Case: Weights, Variators, Clutch, Kick Start Gears, Kick Start Levers

Tires, Tire Valves and More!

Stop in and check us out. If we don't have what you need we will get it!

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